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One description of being Catholic is that we are on a journey. This month, during Advent, we are rolling out a tool to help us all on this journey. The archdiocese has chosen to provide FORMED.ORG to our entire parish allowing each of us to subscribe and use it at no charge. Click Here to register.Click Here to read more.

Una descripción de ser católico es que estamos en un viaje. Este mes, durante Adviento, estamos desplegando una herramienta para ayudarnos a todos en este viaje. La arquidiócesis ha elegido proporcionar FORMED.ORG a toda nuestra parroquia, lo que permite que cada uno de nosotros se suscriba y la use sin costo alguno. Clic Aquí. y aquí para Leer mas.

Christmas Mass Schedule

Saturday, December 23 (4th Sunday of Advent)
5: 30 PM 4th Sunday of Advent

Sunday, December 24 (4th Sunday of Advent)
7:00 AM 4th Sunday of Advent
8:15 AM 4th Sunday of Advent Español
9:30 AM 4th Sunday of Advent
11:00 AM 4th Sunday of Advent
12:30 PM 4th Sunday of Advent

Sunday , December 24 (Christmas Masses)
4:00 PM Children’s Christmas Mass
6:00 PM Children’s Christmas Mass
10:00 PM Bilingual Mass

Monday, December 25
* No 7:00 AM or 8:15 AM Masses*
9:30 AM Christmas Mass
11:00 AM Christmas Mass
12:30 PM Christmas Mass
2:00 PM Christmas Mass Español
No Masses on December 25th night

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Perpetual Adoration

The Power of Prayer. Saint Louis Catholic Church is blessed to be the home of a 24 hour adoration chapel. Guests and visitors may come and adore our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament at all hours of the day. Join the Perpetual Adoration Ministry and sign up for an hour at www.adorem.us

El Poder de la Oración. La Iglesia Católica de San Luis es bendecida por tener una Capilla de Adoración abierta las 24 horas del día. Usted está invitado a adorar a Nuestro Señor en el Santísimo Sacramento a cualquier hora.www.adorem.us

Nursery OPEN Sunday Mornings

Our nursery is open to all parents with young children ages birth to 4 years of age attending the 9:00 AM mass and 11:00 AM mass.The nursery is located next to the family center.

Hurricane Prayer

Father, all the elements of nature obey your commands. Protect us and all your people during this season of storms and hurricanes. Calm our fears and help us to prepare our hearts as well as our homes. Help us to see you in all we may encounter; and help us to minister to each other in your name. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Bereavement Ministry

The St. Louis Catholic Church Bereavement Ministry Support Group will serve families who have lost a loved one. Members of the ministry are trained to help provide comfort and support to the grieving families of the St. Louis Community by hearing their thoughts, providing grief management resources, and sharing their tears. Read more.