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The couple should call the parish office 305-238-7562 and set an appointment with the priest they want to perform the Mass or ceremony a minimum of six months before their desired date.
He will explain what preparation is necessary when they meet. The couple should be registered in a parish.

To check the calendar call Cecelia at 305-238-7562 Ext. 1408

For marriage preparation, click here.

Music preparation for the Nuptial Mass or Ceremony

Juan Salazar

Director of Music

Cecelia Columbro

Coordinator of Music
305-238-7562 Ext. 1408


Music Selections for a Nuptial Mass

Please choose from each category for your Nuptial Mass. If you are having a ceremony, do not choose a Communion song.
  • :
    Please note EXACT start time.
    This song can be for both the procession of the court and the bride.