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“Time & Talent” are two of the three T’s of Stewardship. The greatest misunderstanding about Stewardship is that most people think it is all about money, the third “T” of Time, Talent and Treasure. Stewardship is really about Evangelization, building your faith in Christ, and sharing your faith with others. Now is a wonderful time to prayerfully consider joining a ministry, if you are not involved. And become more involved in our Faith community by giving of your Time and Talent. In our Scriptures, “James 2:26” it says: Faith without works, is as dead as a body without breath. Your Time in prayer in Adoration for instance, is magnificent.

New to our Parish of St. Louis? If you are new in the area, new to our parish, or you have been coming for awhile, but you have not yet registered? We invite you to complete a parish registration form, which is available at the Welcome Table located in the entrance of the church. Our Welcome Table is there to help. Please stop by and ask any questions you may have. “WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU.”

The promotion of the practice of Stewardship is important for the Mission of the Church and for the spiritual well-being of each individual Christian. Everyone benefits from the sacrificial gifts of our Time, Talent & Treasure.

– Pope Benedict XVI