Joining The Catholic Church : The “Original” Church Our Catholic Church is the original Christian community, our tradition of word, sacrament and church life dating back to the time of the apostles. Other Christian groups which formed since the sixteenth century have lost different elements of the orginal Christian experience. We are anxious to share with others our Catholic vision of life and faith, ancient yet ever new.

RCIA – The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is not like going back to school, because RCIA is more of a process of growth than a project in school. RCIA means learning not just with the head, but most importantly with the heart. Our RCIA program, also called the Catechumenate, can benefit :

    • Those unbaptized persons who want to become Christians.
    • Those baptized non-Catholic who want to join the Catholic community.
    • Adult Catholics who have not yet received First Communion or Confirmation.

Call the the office: 305-238-7562 Ext. 7010 or e-mail to speak with Father Paul for more information.

Rito de Iniciacion Cristiana para Adultos:
Para todos aquellos que no han sido bautizados, que no han recibido los Sacramentos de la Eucaristia y la Confirmacion, o que han sido bautizados en otra denominación, Contactar a Ana Olaso- Stanham 786 423 4701 o Email-