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God’s Generosity

The parable in today’s gospel seems so unfair.   The people who worked all day received the same pay as the man who worked only one hour.  If you don’t give people what they deserve, is that -justice?  Could God act so unjustly and unfairly? Couldn’t we rewrite the ending and make things look more far and just? We would have the owner repay people for what they deserve, some paid more, others less.

                If we rewrite that one, how about other “unfair” parables and gospel stories? The father should have locked on the door on the prodigal son, not welcomed him; that would have been more fair. The good thief who said, “Remember me when you come into your kingdom,” would have heard Jesus say: ‘“You’re too late” – that would have been more fair.  BUT if we “rewrote” those stories to make them more “fair”– we might not like them

                God’s ways are NOT like human ways of dealing with people. All the talk about wages makes us think of monetary justice; but parable is not about money but salvation, God’s love; no one gets “more” salvation or “more” of God’s love than another. His love is not measured by what anyone deserves.  He loves a criminal like he loves a Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa did not earn God’s love; the sinner cannot lose it.  He wants people to change:  “Seek the Lord… Let the scoundrel forsake his way… let him turn to the Lord for mercy”  (Isaiah 55:6-7).  Forgiveness awaits: such love is always undeserved, or it is not love, “grace.”

                God’s ways are not our ways–Generosity.  The gospel shows our ways different from God’s ways.  We think fairness; he thinks -generosity.  Isaiah attributed this quality of mercy to the fact that God is holy and wholly other; God’s ways and thoughts are so far beyond human ways and thoughts that they are almost unimaginable. Whereas human beings would punish or take revenge for wrongs done, God surprises sinners with generous forgiveness.  To that end, the prophet encourages scoundrels and wicked people to turn to God with confidence.

                God is NOT a bookkeeper who gives us what we deserve,  but a grace filled Benefactor who gives more than we deserve.   If we were to calculate with God, God would calculate with us and question our claim;  it is better for us that everything depends on God’s free mercy.  Aren’t we all glad that God will be merciful to us?  If we are not, if we think God owes us, we have missed the meaning of the parable; we do not know God or ourselves.  God is NOT fair, he doesn’t give us what we deserve, he gives more.  The gospel is not about fairness, but extravagance; God is not all-fair, but all-heart.  He gives not because of what we do, but because of who he is– gracious, merciful, compassionate.  This truth humbles us; it reminds us that we have no claims on God for justice.  Nor can we calculate with God; everything depends on his free mercy.

Fr. Paul Image

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Paul Vuturo

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