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Transformation into Christ

                        Life means change, especially in the realm of spiritual life. The whole story of Jonah means change and conversion.  In some of the early church liturgies they demonstrated conversion in a very dramatic way.  Candidates for baptism faced the west, the place of sunset and darkness, and they were asked to reject Satan and the works of darkness.  Then they  turned to the east, the place of sunrise, and professed their faith in the Father, Son and Spirit.  This physical change of direction represented a personal change of direction.  The newly baptized will follow Christ.

                        For all of us discipleship means change and growth.  The citizens of Nineveh found new life after they changed.  So do we.  Conversion and change is not simply the moment of conversion  or baptism.  Conversion is a way of life.  If we ever think that we are perfect, we are in big trouble.  Jewish leaders in the time of Jesus thought that they were perfect and did not need to change.  When they did not see a need for a savior, they never found one.

                        Conversion is not a one time event.  We are always trying to change and convert our lives.  If we ever think that we are perfect and do not need to change, we are in trouble. That was the attitude of the Scribes and pharisees. They saw no need to change.

                        Conversion is the ongoing vocation of Christians.  We cannot be satisfied where we are and who we are;  how can we be different, better and more?

                        Jesus called his disciples: “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men” ( Mark 1: 17).  Conversion does not mean simply turn from evil but also what we turn for the good..  We work to put sin behind us and to reach out to others in love.

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Yours in Christ,

Fr. Paul Vuturo